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Tourism Distribution Systems is a company specialising in online tourism distribution and technology systems that connects consumers, web sites, travel agents and tourism operators to a wide range of tourism travel products and services using 'Consumer to Operator' distribution and technology solutions though the concept of 'Open Internet Distribution'.

With increasing usage of smart phones, computer pads/tablets, laptops and netbooks, retail consumers do not want to spent time searching multiple websites, making phone calls or emailing booking requests, but want, with a click of the mouse, to have access to a wide range of travel and tourism related products and services that is available through a global networks of reservation distribution systems and sales channels to make their travel planning easier.

The next generation of internet based travel and tourism reservation distribution systems, that uses 'non proprietary', multi-platform 'Cloud' based reservation and distribution software technology, will allow retail customers, with a click of a mouse, to check in real time from a wide range of tourism products and services - availability, prices and make instant confirmation booking/s or create their own travel holiday, using itinerary building technology and be able to make payment through a central payment gateway from their smart phone, computer pad/tablet, netbook, laptop or PC - 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

These reservation distributions systems have the ability to allow tourism and travel software developers and businesses involved in the electronic distribution supply chain to work together to create an accepted structure for the free flow of reservation and payment data, between trading partner to trading partner enabling suppliers and distributors to speak the same interoperability language, without hindrance using an 'Open Internet Distribution' platform, eliminating the restrictive barriers of proprietary reservation and distribution systems, by increasing the range of travel and tourism products and services to any retail points of sale whether it is a website, home based travel consultant or travel agencies, online travel agencies, online magazines, etc or other sales channels and distribution systems and networks like wholesalers, tour operators, aggregators, etc.

Couple with this reservation distribution technology, is the growth of internet based communications technology like real time live chat and VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phone technology that can be embedded into web sites, where potential consumers can chat or choose from a range of international 'In Country' local phone numbers, can call a live consultant for travel assistance in making their reservation/s - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week regardless of time zones and languages.

Tourism Distributions Systems is a Partner of the Open Distribution Alliance.

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